“Villains” reviewed by musicaustria

A Review by Michael Ternai on musicaustria.at

… The quintet allows enough space in its compositions for the creation of a mood and, when the music demands it, also goes to work in a minimalist and restrained manner, as is the case with the grandiose, dreamy opener “Nachtlied”, among others. Similarly, the number “Still Tiring” also invites you to mellow out. On the other hand, the title track “Villains” gets down to business with a really heavy and powerful groove. In general, the band succeeds on the album to set many different musical accents and thus to increase the degree of variety on “Villains”. “Pointlistic”, for example, also passes for a tricky acoustic drum ‘n’ bass number with weird melodies.

“Villains” has become an album that guarantees a captivating and refreshingly different musical experience. The numbers of the five-member troupe ignite from the first second and simply invite you to enjoy. …