Konzertreview Graz in the Kleine Zeitung

Only original compositions were heard. These, as well as their interpretations, showed: Memplex operate excellently, as a well-integrated unit, out of which strong soloistic contributions can stand out. Particularly Mario Rom proved why he is one of the leading trumpeters of his generation in this country, but also Zangerle was able to convince with his contributions, which varied from subtle to extremely gripping, while Jagschitz often set lyrical landmarks on the piano and Dolp drove the events forward powerfully-elastically. This is truly outstanding contemporary jazz from Austria. – Robert Tendl

Concert Review Graz in the Kronenzeitung

During their stop at the Stockwerk in Graz, the formation around drummer Niki Dolp presents a cultivated, playful soundscape that brings its complex structure to the ear in melodious layers. The ears flap in celebration when the almost baroque sonic cloud of the two wind players Mario Rom and Werner Zangerle rises at the beginning. Memplex are back again! While the drummer mightily stirs the drum, pieces like “Pointilistic” or “Soupa Di Alentaja” show how the band assembles its songs from several layers of sound: At the center, pianist Philipp Jagschitz is dreaming – above him, a storm is raging. – Felix Jurecek

“Villains” Review in Freistil Magazine

If the pandemic was good for anything, it was for producing such fine recordings. As if the compositions had fallen out of time, they simultaneously connote urgency, delicate poetry and answers to questions never asked. That is to say that already in the opener Nachtlied the attitude of the quintet can be heard: Making music together as equals. Listening to each other, taking each other seriously, in order to create, under the leadership of trumpeter Mario Rom, a wonderful form of a contemporary jazz band. Austria has great jazz musicians, no question, and Memplex is one of the best. But superlatives say little, just listen for yourself and immerse yourself in Villains; You will not regret it! – Ernst Mitter

“Villains Review in Concerto Magazine

The album begins with a beautiful “Nachtlied” (Night Song/Lullaby) and thus already actually gives hope and relaxation. Memplex are masters of the song, whether it lasts almost nine minutes like the title number or even in short pieces like “Richard”, which finds its end in less than 2 minutes. The compositions are wonderfully structured and provided exclusively by the band members, and that the musicians are masters of their instruments does not need to be mentioned, but that the musicians have already been working together for 10 years and are therefore very well attuned. Long breaks in work, which are caused by the fact that the musicians are also active in other bands, however, increase the joy of playing together, and this can be heard in every phase of the recording. – Christian Bakonyi

The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: June 2022

We are part of the list “Best Jazz on Bandcamp: June 2022”, and in very distinguished company!

This is music that’s agitated and rarely sits still, with feet always in motion. Even those times when the Memplex quintet settles into a melody as tranquil as a cat curling up for a nap, it’s only a precursor to more zooming around. Memplex is trumpeter Mario Rom, tenor saxophonist Werner Zangerle, pianist Philipp Jagschitz, double bassist Walter Singer, and drummer Niki Dolp. – Dave Sumner

“Villains” reviewed by musicaustria

A Review by Michael Ternai on

… The quintet allows enough space in its compositions for the creation of a mood and, when the music demands it, also goes to work in a minimalist and restrained manner, as is the case with the grandiose, dreamy opener “Nachtlied”, among others. Similarly, the number “Still Tiring” also invites you to mellow out. On the other hand, the title track “Villains” gets down to business with a really heavy and powerful groove. In general, the band succeeds on the album to set many different musical accents and thus to increase the degree of variety on “Villains”. “Pointlistic”, for example, also passes for a tricky acoustic drum ‘n’ bass number with weird melodies.

“Villains” has become an album that guarantees a captivating and refreshingly different musical experience. The numbers of the five-member troupe ignite from the first second and simply invite you to enjoy. …

New Album – Villains – Release June 2nd 2022

Memplex present their third album “Villains”.

After almost 2 years of pandemic silence we needed to fill the void with fresh music. When we met up in the studio to record Villains we were as inspired as it gets. We feel that we captured some magic and we sincerely hope you can feel it too.

A lot has happened with these gentlemen since their debut album Souvenir (2012), and every single member of this band can now look back on a noteworthy career that shines all the way into the international jazz landscape. To the blessing of the band, each of the five musicians contributed his songs.

The music of the current album is now quite related to the crisis-intensive time in which we live; it gives comfort, wakes up, stirs up, gives support, celebrates the moment; and hopefully serves to inspire the audience… not to let the villains win.

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