“Lawn of Love” in the Concerto-Magazine

“The quintet with Mario Rome (tr), Werner Zangerle (ts), Philipp Jagschitz (p, ep), Walter Singer (b) and Niki Dolp (dr) released their debut in 2012. In the five following years they went mostly separate ways. Despite or because of this, “Lawn of Love” sounds so powerful and convincing. Each band member contributes at least one composition, which guarantees variety, but the Bandsound of the classic jazz quintet is never given up. Soft and flowing like Niki Dolps title song, groovy like Jagschitz’ “Dr. Jones And Me”, or complex and multilayered like Singers” Soupa di Alentaja “- everything is full of subtleties and always offers a great basis for soloistic expression, especially Werner Zangerle thrives in this environment. Modern Jazz that focuses on the joy of music making.

Martin Schuster – Concerto Magazin/Oktober 2017